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Attorney Osinga believes that one of the strengths of Wisconsin's public school system should be the fact that it is public. Public schools are controlled neither by a for profit business nor by a private entity such as a church. When properly administered you would expect that public schools to be open and responsive to constructive input from the families and communities they serve. Transparency and accountability should be an integral part of what it means to be a public school.
The presentations that below will unfortunately illustrate how public schools can become the home of educational bureaucrats who thrive on acting with little accountability. This lack of accountability can easily develop into a growing dysfunction that jeopardizes not only the education but at times even the personal safety of students. Classroom teachers in the school work environment can also be on the receiving end of the negative effects from this dysfunction.
Part of the answer to these problems may lie in the creative and thoughtful use of legal tools such as Wisconsin's open records law. You will see in what follows that the persistent use of the open records law can help ferret out the dysfunction in public schools, frustrate efforts to keep it hidden and clearly expose it to the public.
You will quickly recognize from the videos and PDF documents accessible at the bottom of the page (coming soon) that Attorney Osinga has vigorously sought such transparency and accountability. Just as teachers are accountable for their performance in the classroom, principals and administrators likewise must be accountable for their use of public funds, their management and development of teachers and their openness to parents and the public.
Introduction by Attorney Osinga:
1. Open Records & Bullying The Policies – Presentation A
2. Open Records & Bullying The Reality – Presentation B-1
3. Open Records & Bullying The Reality – Presentation B-2
4. Open Records & Bullying Déjà vu and Sleeping Watchdogs – B-3
5. Merit Pay The Policy – Presentation A
6. Merit Pay The Reality – Presentation B-1
7. Merit Pay The Reality – Presentation B-2
8. Conclusions
A Message to Teachers from Attorney Osinga:
Excerpts from discovery depositions in the open records case against the Wauwatosa School District:
Superintendent Ertl video #1:
Superintendent Ertl video #2:
Lyda Osinga video:

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    Osinga Law Offices, S.C.
    13500 Capitol Drive, Suite 201
    Brookfield, WI 53005

    Phone: 262-717-9020